Parametric urbanism

Year 2007
Location Vienna, Austria
Typology Urban design
Scale 230 ha
Status Workshop
Author Miha Volgemut

Task of the workshop lead by Robert Neumayr was parametric urbanism. We articulated the area of Flugfeld Aspern (230 ha) into the field. The field was has to be organized according to one of the dynamic system from nature, such as: fractal systems, chaotic systems, crystallization systems, self-optimizing systems, behavioral systems, cellular automata, network theory etc. I organized the field according to network theories.

I set 5 rules that define the algorithm of the field:

1. Connect as many points as possible without crossing,
2. Maximum 3 lines per every point,
3. Connect without any angles,
4. Empty areas emerges in areas above 20 ha,
5. Typology transformation.

Rules are the parameters, which values can be changed, while algorithm (system) stays the same. With this kind of principle the field is created, which is more complex than composition or collage, but still preserves coherency.