Responsive platform

Year 2009
Location Tokyo, Japan
Typology Urban object
Scale 576 m2
Status Competition entry
Author Miha Volgemut

A COMMUNITY GATHERING PLACE / device for accumulation of memories

What I am proposing is a responsive platform for the abandoned public space in a city. It has the fixed area of 24 by 24 meters and it is made of 400 pixels (1,2 by 1,2 m each) that are vertically movable to the maximum height of 7 m. Pixels are digitally controlled, so we can form them into any kind of topography that is suitable for certain event. This means that radically different events in time can take place on the same location, which results into the situation that radically different people have thus their memories accumulated in the same city space. These memories are than attracting them to keep returning to this place again and again.