Memorial complex

Year 2014
Location Prekaz, Kosovo
Typology Urbanism / landscape architecture
Scale 7.000 m2
Status Invited competition – 1. PRIZE; in progress
Design firm AG In┼żeniring d.o.o.
Authors Miha Volgemut / Špela Zore

Our proposal approaches the representation of the traumatic space in the most respectful and sensitive way. We try to avoid any kind of intervention towards the existing buildings and the sur­rounding terrain, so the experience of the traumatic space must remain as authentic as possible. The final view from the eyes of the victims is left untouched.

The novelty we propose on top of the existing area of trauma is the representation of new hope and peacefulness with the symbolism of “tree of life”, which enables this experience in the most universal and direct way.

We refuse to use any formal architectural language, to avoid any cultural misinterpretation and the possibility of it becoming formally obsolete in the future. We propose an abstract grid system located above the area, a coverage system that protects the buildings and at the same time supports new life. This new life could be de­picted as a natural park or a “full of life” greenhouse where the trees and other vegetation is growing from this traumatic space.

The paving system is gently floating in the existing terrain, trying not to touch the buildings, while following the path of visitors. Its placement over the area does not form a public square nor does it dominate over existing ground.

The symbolism we propose is direct and universal as is the experi­ence of death and birth, which we try to unite in this park.

The tree is growing from the space of trauma and is representing eternal life, offering a new perspective of peacefulness and hope at the Memorial.

Fallen victims at the Adem Jashari Memorial park represent the vast and strong root system of the new independent country of Kosovo that will grow abundantly as the new trees in the park.

This garden represents the eternal cycle of life, the transformation of all fallen victims into a new life, new birth of a strong independ­ent nation.