Apartment block

Year 2006-2008
Location Moste near Komenda, Slovenia
Typology Housing
Scale 20.886 m2
Status Completed
Design firm BIZAAR d.o.o.
Authors Andrej Kocjan /Miha Volgemut

The block is designed to be crumbled and agitated, to relate as close as possible to the character of low structure of near settlement. Structure of the new building with its dynamic composition of agitated volumes corresponds with the blind forces of individual houses near with all their extensions, sheds, jutting roofs etc., in the way that it alleviates dimension discrepancy between existing tissue and new formation. So the transition between surroundings and building gets more spontaneous. The intervention, despite its dimension, succeeds to be not too aggressive and over dimensioned, but tries to connect local properties into new architectural accentuation, which communicates with the settlement.