Apartment block Karantanika

Year 2013
Location Dom┼żale, Slovenia
Typology Residential
Scale 3.300 m2
Status Invited competition
Authors Miha Volgemut / Benjamin Hafner


Functionally the building follows its urbanistic intention after best integration with the city and public areas, yet it must enable the best possible privacy to the individual apartments. Therefore the building is divided into two parts: south-private part, where the light is and so the peaceful and low surroundings; and north – semi-public part oriented towards the main street and the city center, where common areas are situated. The specificity of the site is exactly this division on peaceful suburban environment on one side and hectic city center on the other, so the building must react to its environment with two different “faces”: south face, which must have private character of light, warmth, quietness and green; and north face, which must have explicitly urban character – culturally representative and socially communicative. The basic guideline of the conception was to design bright apartments with large terraces towards sunny and quiet south – with best privacy possible; and on the other side to enable also the social life in the building with the spaces of encounter, so to create added value of social dimension with the areas for gathering, for child play etc. that communicate also with the street life.