Kindergarten Ribnica

Year 2009
Location Ribnica, Slovenia
Typology Kindergarten
Scale 4.000 m2
Status Competition entry
Authors Miha Volgemut

We approached the architecture of kindergarten with dynamic geometry, which in opposition to orthogonal one offers richer perception of space. This kind of space exposes various ambients and surprises and it transforms itself like a movie during our movement. This kind of space is more than an image, it is the space of experience and movement, that children will explore and where they will inhabit the worlds of senses and thoughts. The richer the experiences will be and more mysterious the ambients will show, more intensive will the connection between the children and space become. 

Because of the quite extensive program and the largeness of the plot, which will become central educational and protective center in Ribnica, we developed the kind of “Child-City”, where the plot is broken into various “Islands”, which form “cityblock-organism” with all the spaces in-between that stimulate the movement.  The islands of the outdoor space have a function to attract child’s interests, ambitions and animations like the cells of an organism, while the islands of the building are ground-leveled objects that are distributed over the large part of the plot and function like an autonomous programmatic cells that have very active relationship with the outdoor space. Such a dispersed and organic scheme should form richer, more diverse and more complex intertwinement of the indoor and outdoor spaces.