Eda Center

Year 2005
Location Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Typology Residential/Offices/Public
Scale 33.600 m2
Status Competition, 3. Prize
Authors Manca Ahlin/MatjaĆŸ Pegan/Peter Rijavec/Miha Volgemut/Saša Vuk

There is a strategy in search for convincing city icon: to shape plural meaning (pluralism) into the form, where architecture is not one-dimensional; and to connect the form with things that matters today, as nature. Building must become one of the symbols of the city and tourist attraction. 

The program of the task is very mixed and dense: 20.000 sqm of the program on the 4.125 sqm plot (F.A.R.=4,8) and 4 underground floors for 400 parking places. The new building unites the programs such as municipal administration, offices, private apartments, restaurant, gallery, coffeehouse and other public places. Building has the height of 77 m.

We propose public, green, roof slope as an artificial city hill, which enables users the panoramic walk all the way to the gallery and restaurant on 10th and 11th floor. We achieve that entire plot area is given to public use and to the city. And we also create artificial hill in the flat city landscape. On the top of the glass tower we propose semi-public auditorium under the sky. Realization of this proposal would show different approach in defining public areas, since city’s ground floor would be lifted high above the ground.