Two villa blocks

Year 2006
Location Dom┼żale, Slovenija
Typology Residential
Scale 3.620 sqm
Status Proposal
Authors Miha Volgemut, Mateja Volgemut

Building is located in a typical suburban environment. Just next to it, there’s a carwash house, shopping mall and a settlement of single-family houses. Context is very split up and incoherent. Also new building is surrounded with relatively loud streets on two sides.

As for the bad surroundings, we propose introverted condominium with internal green courtyard. Geometry of buildings follows the grid of 8 x 8 m, from which residential volumes are extruded. With their tops, these volumes create step-like composition of private green terraces.

The building is divided into two separate buildings above the ground with common underground floor for parking. Buildings have three floors above the ground and together 17 apartments. By the street, one building also includes a coffeehouse on the ground floor.