Apartment block Butterfly

Year 2005
Location Kamnik, Slovenija
Typology Residential
Scale 24.330 sqm
Status Complete
Design architect BIZAAR d.o.o.
Authors Andrej Kocjan, Miha Volgemut

The new residential building of 126 apartments is located in Bakovnik settlement in south suburb of Kamnik. Building has two underground floors for parking and five floors above ground.

As for the request for optimum F.A.R. with limited height, building is designed as a city block. Usual problem of the city block is its internal courtyard, since it is a source of discomfort and unrest; the problems are akustic disproportion, crossings of apartment's openenings with comunications, undefined status of the courtyard etc. Beside that, usual city block creates very narrow street corridors without any public expansions. So with the solution of squeezed rectangle we solved all the problems of the courtyard: the intimacy of dwellers is assured with exclusive orintations of flats towards the outside and we also got the expansions of the public areas on the streets.

Terraces are shaped in the way, that every next terrace in the floor is deeper than previous one, so this assures certain degree of intimacy of dwellers and also good atmospheric shelter.