Multiplex in Koper

Year 2004
Location Koper
Typology Multiplex cinema
Scale 13.200 m2
Status Diploma project
Author Miha Volgemut

The advent of the Multiplex is greatly associated with the development of new, advanced film technology and the genre called “Hollywood blockbusters”. As the development of this technology continues and movie budgets increase, we witness an evolving social phenomenon, which relates to architecture as a new building type. Architecture as a medium has the potential to raise itself to such a powerful artistic expression that it can modify the reality surrounding it. It changes hedonism into culture.   

The new Multiplex lies between the historical town of Koper and the industrial area of the port of Koper. This kind of diverse environment dictates a rather powerful and consistent reaction for such a new building. 

The urbanism of the new space opens the waterfront to the old town and its residents. Large parking circles are designed to interweave effectively with green surfaces. 
The Multiplex is designed as a structure of boat-shaped auditorium modules. Each auditorium module is a self-supporting steel shell called a semi-monocoque.

Interior: the Multiplex project considers the technological transition between the old projection type and the new digital system of presentation, where the organization and composition of architectural space is much more liberal and free, so the positions of projection booths have no longer functional importance. The building is divided into a ground level and an upper level. The ground level is designed for parallel programmes, while the upper floors contain the nine-auditorium Multiplex programmes.

Exterior: the promenade by the sea and the building’s reflection in the water with its strong and monolithic structure create the exterior ambience. The complex and organic body of architecture continuously displays different views from every angle. Its message is also richly continued in a time dimension, as it transforms constantly during our movement around it.