Tripple house

Year 2018
Location Domžale, Slovenia
Typology Three houses
Scale 3 x 140 m2
Status Completed
Author Miha Volgemut
Photo Jurij Bizjak

Three young families united in search of parcel located in Domžale on which to build a new house in a form of residential triplex. After approximately a year of searching they found a parcel located in the middle of neighbourhood resting in the vicinity of green park next to Kamniška Bistrica. On the parcel of 1100 m2 was already standing an old house, which was put away so that the building works on the new house could begin. Three couples of different characters were convinced by architectural proposal so they started to search for a contractor. The choice of civil engineering model »Turn-Key« seamed the only rational choice for this group of people. At the end they were convinced by the company JUBHome d.o.o. with their passive building, which they just launched on the market. In this way the symbiosis between the investors and promotional construction was created, which concluded in one year and a half since preparation of project documentation, negotiations and adaptation of new building started.

Parcel is of prolongated shape and lays between Northern and Southern public street. Houses form a row with minimal distance between duplex and single unit. Driveway and main entrance are accessible from Northern street, this part of courtyard is designed as »co-housing« which functions like a big semi-public area without fences and offers a place for children’s play and different types of gatherings. On Southern side are located enclosed gardens of a more private character. The main feature of architecture design is exuberance of building volumes and roofs, which in this way creates a dialog with existing surroundings. In the contrary a simplified 40m long line of orthogonal positioning of building volumes would create an overdominant structure. All three building units are the same by design and each measures 140m2. Indoor space of the house is formed as organically shaped living space in the ground floor, which is opened with big glass wall towards a southern terrace and a garden.