Kajuhova area

Year 2016
Location Domžale, Slovenia
Typology Urbanism
Scale 2,5 ha / 25.000 m2
Status Building assessment
Authors Mateja Volgemut / Miha Volgemut

The present building block has the programming structure of the mixed use as specified in the spatial plan. Due to the central location of activities the design of the public open space is highly important. Central activities in the city are open to all residents of the town and even further afield (other municipalities), thus the quality of public open space allows the retention of people who would otherwise be carried out only urgent business. In the event that this space is regulated, open and connected, it enables longer retention of people and the urgent errands turn into leisure activities.

The proposed spatial arrangement will therefore consist of buildings and open space, where open space should be connecting element of the new building block. East of the municipal building and the north of the fire station is provided for sealing with a new business-residential program, which will strongly transform the existing area. Height dimensions of a new building will follow the crown of the municipal building, thus it is possible to place a higher loading gauge only on the south side of the west building. The height should not exceed the height of residential blocks in the immediate vicinity (GF + 4 + T). The building should follow the building line of Ljubljanska street to form a blade in the direction of a north - south, to round up the area in front of the municipal building. Second building should follow the building line of the Savska street.

Chestnut Park is maintained and invite passers-by in the paved area between new buildings and promote the link between Kolodvorska street and municipal park in the southern and western part of the building block.

The new design of the building block also proposes the inclusion of the house of the music band on the south-western part of the area, which we integrate into the urban whole with the new pavement design prior to its frontage.